Power Engineering specialises in the design and manufacture of electrical switchgear and associated control systems and solutions for industrial and commercial applications with extensive experience in the commercial refrigeration and food processing sectors.

With over 30 years’ experience, Power Engineering’s team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Medium and LV Electrical Engineering – Power Distribution and Maintenance – PLC & SCADA Control Systems – Energy Optimising Systems.

Power Engineering also provides an extensive range of Services including: Thermo-Graphic Surveying of equipment – Vibration Diagnostics and Correction – Contract Maintenance.

Power Engineering Electrical Switchgear
  • Design & Manufacture of PLC/SCADA and Conventional Control Systems
  • Design & Manufacture of LV Power Distribution Boards up to 5000A
  • Manufacture of Motor Starters for AC and DC applications
  • Supply and Integration of SCADA Control Systems for Plant Automation
  • Writing and Debugging of Specialised Software
  • On-site Implementation and Commissioning of Systems
  • Certification and Testing
  • Provision of Drawings and Documentation
  • Supply of Contract Engineers and Technicians for Design and Maintenance
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