Solenoid Saver powerflow

724-10-000 Solenoid Saver

The Powerflow Electronics Solenoid Saver uses PWM to control the current consumed by a solenoid valve.
Type – Solenoid Saver
Input – DIN 46350-A
Output – DIN 46350-A


The Powerflow Electronics Solenoid Saver uses PWM (pulse width modulation) to control the current consumed by a solenoid valve. This has the effect of not only saving energy but reducing heat from the coil and increasing the longevity of the Solenoid.The user can choose to modulate the current to Solenoid between 10% and 80% of the input via the user friendly front interface.

When power is first applied, the Solenoid Saver applies full input voltage to the Solenoid. After a preset amount of time the voltage is then modulated to reduce the current applied to the valve. The solenoid saver offers 5 levels of modulation to suit different applications.

The Solenoid Saver is compatible with Powerflow Solenoid Valves. The Solenoid Saver can be sold separately or as a complete assembly. See Powerflow Solenoid Timer Drains for more information.



  • Reduce consumed wattage by up to 80%
  •  User friendly control interface
  • Increase Solenoid uptime
  • Reduce heat
  • Compatible with any suitable DIN form A solenoid
  • IP69 enclosure
  • 24 month warrantee
  • OEM customisation available
  • Customized power leads available (See ‘Power Cords/Cable Assemblies‘)


Supply Voltage

11.5 – 32 VDC

Output Current @ 25°C Ta

Continuous Current – 2.5 A max
Peak Pulsed (16 ms) – 4.7 A max
I min (±20%) – 50 –150 mA
I max (±20%) – I min + 1.0 A max

Quiescent Supply Current

<50 mA (No Load)

Operating Temp.

-40 to 85 °C

IP Rating


Peak Max Power

160 W (32 VDC Input)

Avg. Max Power

26.6 W (10% Input tol.)

Reverse Polarity Protection

Reverse Polarity Protection (Non Operational)

Short Circuit Protection

Coil Failure Protection


LED’s to indicate phases


FCC Part 18, UL-529


DIN 46350-A / ISO 4400


DIN 46350-A / ISO 4400

Optional Extras

Power Cords

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