Powerflow Mechanical No Loss Drain
PowerflowPowerflow Mechanical No Loss Drain


Type – Mech NLD-020NC
Inlet – 3/4” x 3
Outlet – 1/2” x 1
Thread Type – NPT
Air Compressor Performance – 130m³/min
Order Ref. – 340-01-020NC

The Mechanical No Loss Drain removes harmful condensate from receiver tanks, aftercoolers, dryers, filters and drip legs.



  • Aluminium body with stainless steel internals
  • Maximum working pressure up to 250 PSI
  • Manual test function
  • 7mm outlet for quick discharge of condensate
  • Optional extras include a heating unit to prevent freezing and bursting of pipelines in winter and pre-filter ball valves to prolong lifespan of the unit


  • Improves air system performance
  • Eliminates frequent downtime maintenance
  • Prevents corrosion and scaling
  • Increases the air-carrying capacity of the pipelines
  • Extends equipment life


Air Compressor Performance (MAX)


Operating Pressure

3.0 – 9.9 bar

Normal Flow Volume

6 l/hr

Short Term Peak Load (From 7.0 Bar)

30 l/hr

Temperature (Min/Max)

+0°C to +60°C

Condensate Inlet

3/4'' x 3

Condensate Discharge

1/2'' x 1

Thread Type



2.3 Kg


Oil Free Compressor

Overall Dimensions

A: 3/4''
B: 1/2”
C: 129 mm
D: 210 mm

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